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Scientific Digital Imaging Plc 2018

Annual Report and Accounts 2018

Following on from the success of the previous year's report that we produced for SDI, we developed the new branding further and introduced case studies to illustrate the work of the various divisions within the Group.

Scientific Digital Imaging Plc 2017

Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Scientific Digital Imaging plc design and manufacture analytical technology products for use in industries including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Astronomy, Consumer Manufacturing and Art Conservation.

FOX was commissioned to produce a visually engaging report to showcase the work and successes of the companies within the SDI Group. 

Vectura Group Plc – 1

Report and accounts

Annual reports don’t just satisfy a legal requirement; they provide the opportunity to effectively present your company’s strengths, highlight the year’s achievements and promote a positive impression of your company that is underpinned with real facts and figures. 

Our Annual Reports for Vectura illustrates how we used our experience to ‘accentuate their many positives’; to present a very positive outlook on the company in the eyes of shareholders, investors, potential business partners and the wider public; and engage the reader from cover to cover.





Vectura Group Plc – 2

Annual Report

We created bi-annual themes for the Vectura reports, designed to refresh the presentation of the information and reflects the company's constant progress and success. 

This report featured a series of portraits by Bath-based photographer, Nick Smith and art directed by us, with key messages, highlighted in the corporate red, somewhere in each shot. We also had a 3-day reportagé photography shoot to record some of the new technological advances and processes. We even got to dress up in white 'clean' suits, which was amusing! The result was well worth it! 

The financial information was printed in 1 colour and separated into a pocket on the inside back cover. This way the report could also be used for promotional purposes, without the detailed facts and figures. 

Vectura Group Plc – 3

Annual report

This was possibly one of our favourite reports for Vectura. Having gained their trust on previous reports we presented a concept which featured an embossed illustration, created by us, emphasizing the central focus of Vectura's activities; to address the clinical need of people suffering from respiratory diseases. The result was a striking and distinctive cover and a very effective report. The aim of the design was to create an engaging and memorable report to draw attention to the importance of their work. 

This was endorsed by Vectura winning two communications awards; The London Stock Exchange’s techMARK Mediscience Communication Award and the Best Use of Electronic Communication from South West Financial & Corporate Communications Awards. Vectura also received special commendations for Best Financial Report and Corporate and Financial Media Communications.

Vectura Group Plc – 4

Annual report - Selected Pages

Another year, another embossing, another successful report!

Benefits of a well-designed annual report: Reader engagement! An annual report can be a very useful marketing tool as it provides the opportunity to combine a positive overview of your company, with real data that people can rely on. They are a way of recording current success and outlining goals for the future, both of which bolster investor confidence and encourage new external market interest.


Vectura Group Plc – 5

Annual Report - selected pages

Our task is to translate the data into a visual framework that will help to graphically illustrate the key messages and financial highlights. Basically, making it easier to take on board the essential information at a glance. 

The theme of this year's report focussed on the patient and featured a series of images representing the various age groups affected by respiratory disease.
We overlayed key messages on the images, with bold statistics to highlight the scale of specific aspects of the disease and the important role that Vectura plays in addressing the unmet need.