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Kinnovata Pharmaceutical

Corporate identity for a strategic partnership

Branding for a joint venture between Vectura (a leading pharmaceutical company specialising in inhaled airway diseases), Chinese company Tianjin KingYork Group and Hong Kong private equity investor Zendex Bio Strategy.

At the time of the initial meeting to discuss the partnership, as if on cue, a double rainbow appeared in the sky above Vectura's Chippenham head office. In Eastern culture, such events are considered very auspicious and symbolise transformation and prosperity. It seemed only natural that this became the central theme of the new identity. The colour spectrum moves from left to right and then reversed to represent global co-operation and exchange between East and West.

Scientific Digital Imaging - SDI Group

Scientific Digital Imaging designs and manufactures analytical technology products for use in applications such as Life Sciences, Healthcare, Astronomy, Art Conservation, Consumer Manufacturing and Thermal Control. 

The company has a number of divisions that have their own identities, so we created a Group branding and colour coding system to help to define the company structure. 

Royal Collection

Product identity for Premier handmade mosaic tile collection

We created this simple and elegant typographic solution for Classical Flagstone's exclusive collection of handmade mosaics. It was foil-blocked on the brochure cover to replicate the gold and silver foil used on some of the tiles.


Product brand identity for third dimension

Third Dimension is a world leading developer and manufacturer of non-contact, precision profile measurement solutions. FOX were commissioned to create a simple yet distinctive identity for their flagship product, GapGun, a hand-held laser measurement gauge which is now used throughout the automotive, aerospace and energy industries to check product build geometry.

The vibrant yellow and grey colours, combined with bold, contemporary typography has become central to GapGun’s distinctive visual identity. From this, we created a series of product literature brochures, exhibitions and a variety of promotional material.

Third Dimension

Corporate Identity for world leading developer and manufacturer of non-contact, precision profile measurement solutions.

On the back of the success from creating the GapGun brand identity, we were invited to help with the company’s own logo, together with development of promotional literature for all of their products. The following examples show a number of product identities for other technologies that they have developed.

Wilton Carpets

Brand update

Horizon Composites

Corporate identity for Advanced Ceramic materials technology company

Horizon Composites develop and manufacture a range of components for the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries, together with military applications such as ceramic armour.

Connor Watling

Logotype for club DJ

We created this simple, bold identity for a young, club DJ who understands the importance of visual branding. It was applied to a range of promotional material, including tee shirts.

Institute Of Enforcement Agency Consultants

Fraud and security agency identity

We designed this identity for IEAC, who offer training and advice on risk assessment and operational procedures to the telecommunications and financial industries.

JW Communications

Corporate Identity for marketing consultant

New business start-up identity for a marketing, PR and communications consultant. The design was implemented across a basic range of stationery and included Microsoft Word templates for an invoice and letterhead.

Vectura Group Plc

Corporate Branding for pharmaceutical company

FOX were invited to develop the corporate identity for this rapidly expanding pharmaceutical group to reflect the dynamic and innovative nature of its work, developing respiratory products and technologies.

The design was implemented across a wide range of printed literature, Website, signage, exhibitions and product branding. The new identity required a strong symbol that could work independent and alongside the individually created letterforms in the name. 

Stonecube - PrintVis

Identity development for print visualization software


brand identity for specialist pharmaceutical company

We were commissioned by specialty pharmaceutical company, PharmaKodex, to create their new identity. Their focus was to develop and utilise a range of proprietary oral and transdermal and enabling technologies from Vectura Group and Unilever. 

The symbol is based on the unique molecular structures found in coral reefs, which have been found to have huge pharmaceutical potential. This research into the chemical compounds found in the plants, minerals and marine life in this unique environment formed the basis of their product pipeline. 

Peaches & Crème

Identity for beauty therapy new business start-up

Peaches & Crème Beauty Therapy required an identity to launch their new business in Shaftesbury, Dorset. It needed to convey both a sense of sophistication and calm to reflect the personality of this Clarins accredited salon.

The peach motif was incorporated with the ampersand to give a distinctive focus to the logo. We designed and commissioned the installation of the salon fascia. We also produced a range promotional items from brochures to gift vouchers.

National Monuments Record

Identity for English Heritage's national archive and record centre

We worked very closely with English Heritage over a period of ten years, creating heritage policy brochures, information literature and exhibitions.

The NMR identity was another prestigious project which was then implemented across a range of promotional literature, including a quarterly broadsheet newsletter ‘The Record’ and ‘The Thames is Liquid History’ exhibition – a large-scale banner display along the banks of the Thames.

JPF Built Heritage

Corporate identity for Heritage Architecture Consultant

This was a new business start-up identity for an Architectural Construction Consultant, specialising in renovation and conservation projects for a wide range of private and public sector clients, including English Heritage.

Deverill Organic Meats

Identity for Wiltshire Sheep farmer

We created this brand identity for a local Wiltshire farmer and breeder of rare ‘longhorn’ sheep. It has been used on packaging labels and in promotional advertising.

Guildhall Market, Bath

Identity commissioned by Bath & North east Somerset Council

The butcher, baker and candlestick maker form the basis of the identity for this traditional market in the centre of Bath.

Yacht Ventures

Identity for Racing Yacht

This was an identity for a racing yacht named Azzurra, owned by Yacht Ventures boat charter company, based in Lymington, who were taking part in the Isle of Wight, 'Round the Island' race.